October 4, 2016

FAQS for Flex-Tags



The first step in ordering is producing artwork for approval.  Depending on the complexity of your design, this can take 1-5 days. Once the artwork is approved, a mold is produced, which takes about 3 weeks.  If changes are made to the artwork once production of the mold is started, you will be responsible for the original mold charge as well as a new, revised mold.  After the mold is completed, production is approximately 3-4 weeks.  Reorders will ship from our office in 3-4 weeks. 


We provide extensive artwork prior to mold production.  Once this artwork is approved, and the mold has been produced, you cannot make changes without incurring a mold charge.  Actual in-hand pre-production samples are available at a cost of $5 per sample, plus the mold charge. Requesting a sample will add about 2 weeks to your order process.  


Each Flex-Tag is a unique creation with it's own individual characteristics ranging from colors, shapes, textures, 3D representations, gradients, etc. so there are not a lot of hard and fast rules to design.  The sky is the limit on your creation.  We welcome your ideas and will work with you to create a product that is exclusively yours.  

Vector artwork is required for all orders.  Artwork should be sent via email, preferably in one of the following vector formats: .ai, .eps, .pdf.   If vector artwork is not available, you may be charged for artwork production.  Charges will be quoted according to complexity of design.  Please send art directly to art@emblemconcepts.com.

3D DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS -  As Flex-Tags allow for different depths of design, please indicate areas of different depths on your design.  Depths vary from  0.4mm to 2mm.  All lettering should be a minimum of .08" tall (approx. 1/32" tall).  

MATCHING COLORS - Please provide PMS colors for best representation.  

METALLIC & REFLECTIVE COLORS - Most colors can be produced as metallic or reflective colors, however not all colors are well suited for this process.  Please discuss specific colors with our representative prior to artwork production.  

Silver offers the highest retroreflectivity rating at a 350cd/lux/m2 or more.  Light colors offer the next highest rating at 200cd/lux/m2 or more and dark colors offer a rating of 150cd/lux/m2 or below.  Retroreflectivity will reduce somewhat with repeated laundering. 

FLEX-TAG SIZING - Minimum size .40" x .40" (10mm x 10mm).  Maximum size 7-7/8" x 7-7/8" (200mm x 200mm).

TEXTURE PATTERNS - Textured patterns are not required, however, if desired, can be recommended by the factory or suggested by the customer.  Please note that some patterns are better suited to specific designs.  We recommend this be discussed with our representative on an individual basis prior to artwork production.  


The minimum order for Flex-tags is 1000 pieces.